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No Ping-Pong Tables, Little Overhead. Just a Sh*t Ton of Experience.


Headquartered in Charleston SC, armed with a talented network of specialists all over the country, we're the happy-medium you've been looking for.

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Founder, Owner

Founder, Owner

Melissa Barker

I've had the honor or working with some of the most valuable and iconic brands in the world: Coca-Cola, Mars, The Weather Channel, and Sears. 

Today, I put my experience in enterprise-level marketing to work for start-ups and small- to-medium sized businesses. 

Why? Because technology is more accessible and more affordable than ever. And I believe in using technology as a tool to accelerate your business, not to create pretty websites.

MEL BAR MAR is the culmination of my learnings from agency-life and big-brand management. I focus on delivering the best ideas with limited resources. 

I'm backed by my core team (mostly local) and a network of specialists and partner agencies that are the best in business.



Are you a startup?

We *love* startups. Ask us about our "Startup Sprints" to get you up and running on a dime.