You've Gotta Do Your Pushups

Along with being a marketer, for the last 6 years I’ve been a group fitness instructor. You could say fitness and sports are in my blood. Growing up, my afternoons and weekends were spent in a mini van while my mom shuffled me and my two siblings to gymnastics, soccer, and dance. And if you’ve spent any time with my energetic toddler, who’s first word was “boat” (#momwin), you’d say the organic apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

As a marketing consultant, my job is to get you the exposure you need to increase your bottom line.

As a fitness instructor, my role is to provide the safest, most effective workout so you can get out and get on with your day.

Every once in a while, a student will tell me about her weight loss goals. She’ll tell me that she’s “getting married in 6 months and wants to lose 25lbs.” Unfortunately, since I’ve had this conversation a dozen times, I know how it will go.

First, my heart will go out to her because I know she spent the last 55 minutes working up the courage to come ask me this question. She thinks I have a secret and if I would just let her in on it, she can be picture-perfect for her big day. But the truth is that I don’t have a secret. So what I tell her is the same thing I’ve told every woman who has asked me this same type of question: I’ll tell her that I believe in eating a clean, plant-based diet. That consistent, safe exercise is key. And that taking care of herself mentally, through a hobby she enjoys, is paramount to her overall health and wellness. I’ll even detail the type of protein powder I put in my smoothie every morning.

As I talk I’ll see the life fall from her eyes and the color from her cheeks fade because I haven’t delivered the news she had hoped; that through a magic pill, or tea, or single exercise, I can give her the body she wants.

I have this same conversation over and over as a marketing consultant. Maybe you finally decided that you are ready to invest in marketing and maybe it took you a while to reach out to me. You’ve built up in your mind all the things I’m going to tell you about how my business can solve the challenges your organization is facing. But instead, I’ll explain that marketing isn’t about a single slam dunk. That like any team, it takes multiple players doing what they do best (branding, messaging, website, SEO, online media, etc) to achieve a goal. And all the while I talk, I’ll sense your overwhelming disappointment.

But I can tell you in both cases that one thing is true: Green tea does not make you skinny and there are no marketing miracles.

I don’t just “sell websites” without talking to you about SEO and outside mechanisms to increase your traffic. And I won’t sell you SEO if your website sucks and I think as soon as somebody gets there they’re going to be confused about your service offering and leave.

Whether your goal is fitting into a pair of jeans or fitting in with your target audience, in both scenarios my role is your guide. I can outline the things that I believe you should do and I can even partner with you to achieve a lot of them. But I can’t do your push ups for you. I can’t make you invest time in creating valuable content. I can’t follow you home and rip the crescent roll out of your hand and I can’t come to your house and drag you to industry event that you know you should be at.

Your time and resources are precious. Believe me, if anyone knows that it’s me. You need to put all of your time into your product or service. You don’t have time to market yourself or go to the gym.

Many of my clients get it. They come to me because they understand marketing but don’t have the time to focus on it without outside help. Or they don’t understand it, but know that they need it. The people that actively collaborate and partner with me are the most fruitful relationships and the ones where we see positive results over and over. You understand your business, and I know marketing. Together we’re one hell of a team. But you’ve gotta do your pushups.

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