Here's the answers to the questions we get asked the most often. We want you to know exactly what you're getting into. Start here and schedule a free 15-minute chat with us when you're ready.


Questions About: What We Do 

1. How will you help me grow my business?

If you're reading this it's probably because no matter how much time you spend posting to Facebook, going to network and industry events, updating your MailChimp email list, or making changes to your website, your business isn't growing as quickly as you want it to.  You've spent a lot of valuable hours working in your business only to realize that you'll never have enough time to do everything you want to do.

If this is you, then I have hope for you: there's a better way. Marketing isn't always about doing, doing, doing. Instead, it's about doing, automating, measuring and optimizing.

When we work together we will talk about things like: your target audience, your competitors, the things that are working, and the things that aren't. Together, we will implement strategies and tactics to attract customers to you, nurture your leads, and build revenue. Some of these things I will teach you, some I will do for you, but all of these things will be measured.

2. What's the process like and what can I expect?

Our process is very collaborative and built to leverage your existing team and internal capabilities. A typical process looks something like this:

1. Initial video conference or meet & greet

2. Following that meeting, I provide a plan of action that includes cost estimates for each step

3. Approval... signatures ... boring legal stuff

4. We will begin to put the plan into place and check-in every 2-weeks to track our progress

Questions About: Pricing

1. How much do your services cost?

There are 3 different ways we price the services we provide:

1. Hourly

Hourly engagements for marketing consulting begin at $65/hour. We use hourly pricing when there's a low number or inconsistent number of hours that are needed to complete the work. Before we engage in an hourly agreement we provide an estimate of the number of hours we plan to spend and we will not exceed those hours without written approval.

2. Project Based (fixed-fee)

If we identify a single project, such as a new website, a project based pricing structure is usually the most cost-effective way to complete the work. We will scope out the project and provide  a cost based on the level of effort and timing. For more details about the cost of our websites, please see below in the Questions About: Websites section.

3. Retainer

The most cost-effective way to engage with us is our retainer-based plans. Plans begin at $500/month and provide you with a set number of hours at a discounted rate to accomplish all of the tasks we outline in our plan. Retainers require a 3-month commitment.

Questions About: Websites

1. How much does a website cost?

A typical conversation on this topic can go something like this:

ME:  "What is your budget?"

YOU:  "How much does it cost?"

ME:  "Well, what is your budget?!"

YOU:  "Well, how much does it cost?!"

The most honest answer is this: Like buying a car, I can build you a KIA or I can build you a Porsche. Both have 4 wheels, an engine and a stereo. But, don't be upset when the guy in the Porsche picks up more girls than you do in your KIA.

We begin our conversation about your website at $5,000, except for our Startup Sites that start at $1,500. Learn more about our Startup Sites

The 3 most important factors (and there are many!) that affect our cost estimate is:


Is this a "brochure-wear" site with basic pages, a blog and some social links? Are you selling a product or service and processing payment and shipping? Or are you building a platform to fuel the inner-workings of your business? These are all very different requests with very different estimates. 


Do you have a logo, color palette, fonts, pictures, graphics, icons,  and/or team headshots? Or, do we need to create these for you? These are critical elements for not only your website, but for all touchpoints of your business.


Do you know what you want to say on your website? Or are you relying on us to craft your message for you? We can work with you to develop specific messaging, proof-points, and calls-action for you, or you can provide it to us. Content is a big part of the website design and development process that often gets overlooked. 

The best thing you can do is provide to us as much detail as you can provide on WHAT it is that you want. Organize your thoughts by must-have's and nice-to-have's. And, at least give us a maximum that you are willing to spend. We price based on scope, not on what we think you can afford.

2. Do we need to pay you to update my site over time?

Sure. Or no. It's totally up to you. There's 3 types of updates (generally speaking):

1. Updates to text and images

We can train  you to update text and images yourself. While WordPress and many content management systems (CMS) are designed to be user-friendly, I always like to stress that you must be at least web-savvy (read: can you make a Facebook page on your own?) in order to learn it and feel comfortable making updates yourself. 

2. Adding new pages and functionality

Chances are, you hired us because you're not an expert in web design and development. So, adding new pages (which effect site architecture) and functionality should generally be left up to us. However, there are templates and systems we can create if this type of task is something you need to do in-house and often.

3. Security and performance updates

The beauty and downfall of a platform like WordPress is that it is an open-source platform. Sparing you the technical jumbo, this means when the platform is improved we all benefit, but there are also continuous security measures that need to be taken. We offer a yearly subscription to security and performance updates as a separate cost to your website.

We will discuss all of these with you, but the important part is that you remember your website is a living organism that needs to be cared for over-time. So, budget for post-site launch activities. 

3. What's your typical process for creating a website?

The reason we do this is because WE LOVE IT. We don't take on every project because we don't like working with cranky people. We want to do really good work and a lot of it. Typically, the process goes something like this:

1.  Initial phone call or meet & greet

2.  Proposal ... signatures ... boring legal stuff

3.  Kickoff & Discovery Meeting (this is where we get what's in your head into ours)

4.  Bi-weekly check-ins on progress / tons of collaboration / creative juicyness / technical badassness 

5.  Launch, beers to celebrate

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