Social Sales Funnel

Social Media ads are not a silver bullet. However, if executed and managed correctly, they can be very effective for most businesses. We only recommend social media ads be used as a compliment to your overall marketing plan.

Activities below are for Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network Only


Example from NannyPod

Step 1: Attract Leads

Your social media ad is crafted to attract the attention of and elicit a desired action from your target audience. 


  • Define Ad Objective (Traffic, Engagement, Conversion, etc)
  • Define Target Audience 
  • Set-up and configure Facebook Ads Manager Account 
  • Select Facebook Ad type (Single Image, Carousel, Video, etc)
  • Select photography or create custom imagery
  • Craft primary copy, headline, body copy, and call to action
  • Conduct bi-weekly video chat to review results dashboard
  • On-going ad optimization, testing and reporting

Pro Tip: Many startups and small business owners struggle to define EXACTLY who they are targeting (location, gender, age, relationship status, education, occupation, financial status, life events, buying behaviors, interests and affinities, etc.) Through a customer development exercise, we will help you define and select a single target audience PER ad. Visuals and messaging will be crafted exclusively to attract this audience. 

Step 2: Capture Leads

If our ad is effective our prospective lead will click on it and be taken to our Ad Landing Page. On the landing page our intermediary goal is to capture the user's name and email address, while our end goal is to convert them to a sale. 


  • Define lead capture mechanism (the value we will provide in exchange for gaining a user's email address)
  • Create Ad Landing Page
    • Layout (UX/UI)
    • Visuals
    • Messaging
    • Call to Action
Example from Coastal Spine and Sport

Example from Coastal Spine and Sport

Pro Tip: Unlike the homepage of your website, or even an interior page, it is designed to continue the conversation from your ad by providing additional, concise information about your product or service, and establishing the first layer of trust (e.g. if you give us your information, we will provide something of value back to you, for example, a free quote.)

Example from AdviceCoach

Example from AdviceCoach

Step 3: Nurture Leads 

You may find that even if your target is clicking on your ad and even giving you their email address via your landing page, that they aren't converting to cash. There are many reasons for this:  your product or service isn't what they thought it was, your pricing isn't suited for them, OR ... their toddler pulled on their leg, their boss walked behind their desk, or their phone rang. An email campaign that is designed to nurture your new lead and ultimately convert them to sale is often the final (and most often neglected) step of the closing process.


  • Define lead nurture strategy (e.g. what will we say to entice them back to your website)
  • Creation of layout, graphics, messaging, and call to action for 3 emails
  • Configuration of MailChimp - includes best practices for managing lists, groups, and segments, as well as automation 

Step 4: Convert to Sale

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